Business Division NOVOTEST

Know-How and Expertise in Test Engineering

NOVOTEST building in Willich

The quality requirements for industrial products are constantly rising. Quality tests of parts and components throughout the assembly process are getting more and more important to eliminate defects at the earliest

possible stage. Within the Blum-Novotest group,

NOVOTEST is the specialist for test benches for the automotive and hydraulic industries.
Based in Willich near Düsseldorf, NOVOTEST plans, designs, builds and assembles test benches for functional tests, performance tests and endurance tests for automotive and hydraulic components.


Main products are test benches for R&D and End-of-Line testing, e.g. for transmissions, drive shafts, power steerings, hoses and hose assemblies, but also special equipment for production processes, such as Autofrettage and hose drifting equipment.


The business unit includes the Product Areas:



NOVOTEST's Quality Management System has been certified by the TÜV Nord acc. to  ISO 9001:2008 and VDA 6.4.


T�V CERT  ISO 9001  VDA 6.4