Machine Tool Touch Probes for Workpiece Measurement

A machine tool probe by Blum is the perfect solution to increase the productivity of CNC milling machines, grinding centers and lathes. The touch probes are used for a fast, precise and automatic determination of workpiece position and workpiece dimensions on machine tools.


Blum touch probes for machine tools:

  • Reduced set-up time
  • Unmanned operation
  • Reduced scrap rate
  • Increased productivity
  • High production quality

Especially designed for the harsh environment in machine tools, Blum touch probes are an effective solution to enhance your machining accuracy and to increase the productivity of your machining process.



Please choose the appropriate machine tool probe for your measuring task:





Machine Tool Probe by Blum - Highest Precision and Reliability:

  • Very high acceleration and measuring speeds
  • Highest accuracy in all approach directions
  • Optoelectronic Signal Genaration
  • No-wear and lifetime consistent measuring mechanism
  • Touch proof even under extreme coolant and pollution conditions
  • Self centering stylus eliminates realignment after stylus change
  • Low power consumption
  • Mechanical robust design



The 'QuickStart' Measuring Software for Blum Machine Tool Probes

Along with the touch probes Blum offers an easy-to-use NC software, which covers the major part of the daily measuring tasks. Stated below are pictured a few of the included measuring cycles:



Measure a shaft     





Measure a single point in XYZ






Measure a step in XY or Z      






Measure straightness / flatness in XY or Z




The measuring programs will guarantee the highest precision, flexibility and in-process quality. Customized adaptions can be easily developed.




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